L’Orto di Lucullo

The Lucullo brand was born in the early 50s in the shadow of Vesuvius, created by the Acciaio family, as selectors of quality products, from the seeds of the land to the most esteemed breeding. Products selected and distributed in the best gastronomy of Southern Italy. In the ’80s a great evolution took place, with the selection and creation of a well-defined basket of agricultural products from Campania, combined with the world of taste, from the recipes of the best chefs to gourmet pizza. This is how the “L’Orto di Lucullo” registered trademark of the Gma Import Export Specialità company was born. The Company is run by Giuseppe Acciaio, an expert in gastronomy and a selector of great products.
The Garden of Lucullus includes a basket of various cultivars of tomatoes from Campania, tops of broccoli and endive, stuffed papaccelle and aubergines, all in DOP oil. Genuine products, today added value for unique dishes and fundamental elements for gourmet pizza recipes (format registered by Gma Import Specialty). The traceability of the products is the guarantee element, the respect of the supply chain and the territory, with a direct relationship with the farmers and the transformers of these products of the land are the strengths of the brand L’Orto di Lucullo.